MAKE A #votelocal
PLAN FOR December 5th

On December 5, 2017 we will vote for the races in the runoff election. Those races are: Mayor; City Council President; City Council Districts 4, 9, and 11; and School Board Districts 2, 3, 5, and 7. Getting to the polls and voting is the only way to make sure your voice is heard, so let's get you to the polls!


Before you head to the polls, get familiar with the candidates in the runoff, their qualifications and their ideas for the future of our city.  

Here are a few easy ways to get started:


The best way to make sure you get to the polls is to make a plan for the when, where and how. 


Voting is more fun with friends!

Help us get more Atlantans to the polls for the runoff by pledging to get yourself and 3 friends to vote! Pledge to vote on Election Day, December 5th.  

1. Find 3 of your friends who will also vote.

2. Make sure you and your friends are prepped and ready using the VoteLocal tools.

3. Make sure you take a pic of your voting stickers and #postthepeach with the additional #voteATL tag! 


Head to the polls! But not just any poll. Follow the directions below to make sure your vote counts! 


Share this page with your friends, family and coworkers! And don't forget to post on social media and let people know they need to #VOTELOCAL. 

  • Remind your friends, family, neighbors and anyone else you know to #VOTELOCAL on
    Tuesday, December 5th!
  • Finished voting? NO SELFIES IN THE VOTING BOOTH - but you can snap a pic of you and that awesome peach sticker and tag it with #postthepeach and #voteATL so we can re-post it on our social media!
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