MAKE A #votelocal

On November 7th, Atlanta will elect a new mayor, city council and school board, and getting to the polls and voting
is the only way to make sure your voice is heard. Studies show you are more likely to make it out to the polls
if you actively make a plan, so it’s important to decide now how you want to vote so you can show up
and speak up this November. 


Absentee voting is voting by a ballot sent in the mail. In Georgia, no reason is required when requesting an absentee ballot by mail!

  • Request an absentee ballot online or contact us for a paper form
  • Fully complete and sign your ballot when it arrives, including the ballot envelope and oath!
  • Return your ballot by mail or in-person to the county registrar’s office by election day! Mail it AT LEAST a week before Election Day!
  • Find where to mail your ballot by going to:

You have choices when it comes to voting. Between October 16th and November 3rd you can vote early
Monday-Friday at many polling locations. You can even vote on the weekend of October 28th!


Don't feel like voting by mail or voting early? Then just head to the polls on November 7th! 


Voting is more fun with friends! Let them know you got out and got your vote on, and how important it is that they do the same this November 7th. Download a copy of this "Make a Vote Plan" guide and share it with your friends, family and coworkers! And don't forget to post on social media and let people know they need to #VOTELOCAL. 

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