The Atlanta Board of Education establishes and approves the policies that govern the Atlanta Public School system. The Board consists of nine members, representing six geographical districts and three "at-large" districts. One person is elected per district to represent the schools in a given district for a four-year term.

The School Board has two types of positions:


WHO was elected for School board

Candidates listed here won their 2017 election.

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Leslie Grant

District 1

(consists of City Council Districts 1 & 2)

Michelle Olympiadis

District 3

(consists of City Council Districts 5 & 6)


Nancy Meister

District 4

(consists of City Council Districts 7 & 8)

Erika Y. Mitchell

District 5

(consists of City Council Districts 9 & 10)


Eshé Collins

District 6

(consists of City Council Districts 11 & 12)

Kandis Wood Jackson

At-Large, Seat 7

Cynthia Briscoe Brown

At-Large, Seat 8

Jason Esteves

At-Large, Seat 9