Statewide ReferendUM B

tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled

“Shall the Act be approved which provides an exemption from ad valorem taxes on nonprofit homes for the mentally disabled if they include business corporations in the ownership structure for financing purposes?

What voting “yes” or “no” means:


Voting “yes” means it’ll be clear that an existing tax exemption for nonprofit housing for the mentally disabled can be applied to housing constructed or renovated through financing from businesses.


Voting “no” means it’ll remain unclear.


Supporters say it helps non-profits with for-profits to help house the mentally disabled.


Opponents say for-profits may use this opportunity as a tax shelter.


This proposal clarifies that a non-profit home for the mentally disabled qualifies for an exemption from ad valorem taxes even if business corporations assist in the financing structure for construction or renovation of the home.

Referendum B proposes expanding the property tax exemption on homes for the mentally disabled to allow for homes which are indirectly owned by limited-liability companies (LLCs) to be included, if the LLC’s parent organization is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization under Internal Revenue Code.

If approved by a majority of the voters, the Act becomes effective on January 1, 2019, and applies to all tax years beginning on or after that date.

How did the General Assembly (state legislature) vote on this?


Who gets to vote now?

All voters in the state of Georgia get to vote on this question.

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