Job Application: Atlanta City Council - District 4

Candidate Name:
Kimberly Parmer


Q: What do you think is the most important role of the City Council?

A: Initiating and implementing legislation that benefits not only your district but the City as a whole

Q: Please describe, in sufficient detail, one professional accomplishment or contribution of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to governing the City of Atlanta.

A: Design and construction of Historic 4th Ward Park. This was truly a project that mitigated stormwater issues but also serves as a functional amenity for the entire City of Atlanta. As the engineering project manager on behalf of the City of Atlanta my work included engaging public and private stakeholders as well as the state, Atlanta Beltline, GDOT, impacted neighborhood groups, conservancies and various businesses during each phase of the project from budgeting to design, construction and even after it opened with answering public safety questions, coordinating ongoing maintenance and observing a wedding in the amphitheater.

Q: Please list or describe no more than 3 current and past activities you participated in as a private citizen (not an elected official) in which you have acquired skills and perspectives that will make you a stronger mayor. Include your role in the activity and the year(s) in which you were involved.

A: 2017-2015 Chair, Renew Atlanta Stakeholder Advisory Committee 2016-2015, NPU T Chair, Zoning and Land Use Committee 2015-2012, President of West End Neighborhood Development group (WEND)


Q: What does it mean to be an Atlantan/ATLien in 140 characters or less?

A: Proud to be connected to a City that's respected as the birthplace of the modern Civil Rights Movement & Leader in creating viable businesses

Q: What is a new slogan for our city that could unite Atlantans and highlight who we are as a people?

A: Atlanta: Moving Forward with Passion, Pride, Purpose & Proactive Results


Q: The City of Atlanta currently owns several hundred surplus properties that could be redeveloped. In deciding what to do with these properties, what is the role of community input and when should it take place?

A: Community input is key in any development/redevelopment efforts throughout the City of Atlanta. Certainly continuing to engage and utilize the NPU process as well as more correspondence from City Departments with stakeholder information meetings during the planning stages, door knockers, social media correspondence and follow-ups with the final resolutions and post calls after implementation.

Q: The NPU system was envisioned as a place for communities to engage with development in their neighborhoods. How would your administration support the existing NPU system or seek to change it?

A: I presently work and will continue to support the NPU process once elected as the next Council representative for Atlanta's District 4 with access and receipt of resources to support their endeavors such as grants for neighborhood watch group, community beautification projects, public safety equipment, etc.


Q: Give an example of a time when you had to collaborate with many people and/or organizations, especially those who may not hold the same views as you do.

A: Under my leadership as WEND President, WEND members, volunteers and neighborhood stakeholders had the awesome task of leading, planning and hosting the ABC's 1st Atlanta Streets Alive (ASA) in SW Atlanta. Although sometimes challenging mainly because it was our 1st time, everyone stepped up to the plate from organizing the planning meetings to getting our local businesses on board as activity partners. This model proved successful and welcomed over 15,000 participants to the West End. 

Q: Think of one major Atlanta issue impacting the district you seek to serve and that needs to be tackled with a collaborative approach, how would you build relationships across the city and region with other governments, private enterprises, or organizations to effect change in our city?

A: Workforce housing- Instead of stand alone and disjointed legislation, I will concentrate my efforts on developing a city-wide housing policy that's inclusive of all incomes, age groups and soci-economic backgrounds. I would also like to see the affordable housing unit percentage requirements along the Beltline and $25 Million homeless opportunity bond extended to all areas of the City since "housing for all" is a City wide issue. This will involve engaging AHA, Invest Atlanta, the business community other non-profit organizations in more public-private partnerships to successfully accomplish these tasks.


Q: What level of openness and transparency should the citizens of Atlanta expect from city government under your leadership?

A: Ethics, transparency and openness s very important to me in my everyday life. I will make it my due diligence to ensure that citizens of Atlanta are made aware of projects from planning, budgeting to execution. I will also be sure to address questions, concerns, etc. with open and honest answers. 

Q: Please describe any policies, programs, or ideas you are considering to increase the transparency of city government, particularly in your office.

A: I will advocate for more townhalls to discourage and eliminate "old politics or back door meetings." I would also like to encourage reasonable media involvement to provide a platform to relay positive messaging at it relates to my district and the City of Atlanta.