Job Application: Mayor of Atlanta

Candidate Name:
Keisha Lance Bottoms


Q: What do you think is the most important role of the mayor?

A: The most important role of the Mayor is to work with communities and stakeholders to set the priorities for the city of Atlanta and then provide management, direction, and leadership to ensure that they are implemented.

Q: Please describe, in sufficient detail, one professional accomplishment or contribution of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to governing the City of Atlanta.

A: As Executive Director of the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Recreation Authority, I am most proud to have lead our Board in requiring Zoo Atlanta to provide summer camp scholarships for children in underserved communities across Atlanta. As I lead the organization in facilitating multi-million dollar transactions, I remained ever mindful of the wants and needs of families throughout Atlanta. As Mayor, it will be imperative to never lose sight of the most vulnerable, and to provide a voice for them whenever I have a seat at the table.

Q: Please list or describe no more than 3 current and past activities you participated in as a private citizen (not an elected official) in which you have acquired skills and perspectives that will make you a stronger mayor. Include your role in the activity and the year(s) in which you were involved.

A: Regency Park and Guilford Home Owners Association: Vice President/Member 1995-2005; 2005-2009 The Childrens School, Board Member: 2011 - 2016 Ben Hill United Methodist Church; Trustee 2005-2009


Q: What does it mean to be an Atlantan/ATLien in 140 characters or less?

A: Being an ATLien means owning the challenges and spinning them into opportunities.

Q: What is a new slogan for our city that could unite Atlantans and highlight who we are as a people?

A: The City where impossible dreams still take form.


Q: The City of Atlanta currently owns several hundred surplus properties that could be redeveloped. In deciding what to do with these properties, what is the role of community input and when should it take place?

A: Community input should take place immediatly and be an important piece in determining how best to leverage these properties for the benefit of people throughout Atlanta.

Q: The NPU system was envisioned as a place for communities to engage with development in their neighborhoods. How would your administration support the existing NPU system or seek to change it?

A: My administration will continue to support the NPU system and work with people across Atlanta to be evaluate and deterimine what, if any changes, are needed to the current structure.


Q: Give an example of a time when you had to collaborate with many people and/or organizations, especially those who may not hold the same views as you do.

A: Leading the sale of Turner Field to Georgia State University is the best example of my ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders. As head of AFCRA, I was charged with managing a complex finanicial transaction with the redevelopmnet team lead by GSU/Carter, while also negotiating the exit of the Braves, addressing the concerns of community members and government stakeholders.

Q: Using an example of one major Atlanta issue you would tackle with a collaborative approach, how would you build relationships across the city and region with other governments, private enterprises, or organizations to effect change in our city?

A: I will appoint a Director of Education to help tackle issues regarding education in our city. Having a full time cabinet level person working alongside me to address education will send a strong message to all of our partners of the importance my administration places on this issue.


Q: What level of openness and transparency should the citizens of Atlanta expect from city government under your leadership?

A: Citizens should expect the highest level of openness and transparency from city government under my leadership.

Q: Please describe any policies, programs, or ideas you are considering to increase the transparency of city government.

A: I will convene a Commission to evaluate and provide recommendations as to how better improve transpareny from the City of Atlanta.