WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW (city council presidents)?

Our City Council Forum is happening soon and we want to know - what is on your mind? 

There have been A LOT of forums on everything from transit to parks to housing and more. We won't be covering these issues, but we do want to know what would help you make your final decision on who to vote for on December 5th. 

Here are the types of things CCI wants you to think about: 

  • Is this person qualified - do they know enough about Atlanta and the role they want to fill to actually make a good leader? 
  • Does this person uphold what we think are important values? We want someone who supports transparency, fosters great community engagement on major decisions, and demonstrates support for our local problem solvers and community leaders. 
  • What kind of culture will this person create in city council? We think public service and local government is pretty cool and we want someone who treats the office with respect while helping make City Council a cool place to be! 

Over the past few months we have interacted with candidates through one-on-one events to get information on who they are and how they might govern our city. Our forum on November 30th will be our last chance to dig deep on their governing style before you head to the polls!


Given the above, what issue or question is on your mind? Please include your name and email so we can follow up if we have a question (and so we know you are not a Russian robot).

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