November 7th, Election Day, is over - but the election fun doesn’t end there! We are seeing a lot of questions in our inboxes and across social media regarding the election, voter turnout, the results, and much more. We want to throw together a FAQs (frequently asked questions) section to ensure you get the answers you are looking for (if we have them or can help find them). Let us know what ELECTION-related stuff you want to know. Examples include:

  • “I saw something questionable happen on Election Day. Was it legal?”
  • “Why did it take so long for results to come in?”
  • “What exactly happens in a runoff?”
  • “I forgot to register and vote on November 7th. What are my options now?”

Given the above, what issue or question is on your mind? Please include your name and email so we can follow up if we have a question (and so we know you are not a Russian robot) and let you know when we’ve answered your question.

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