Civics 101




if you don't know how local government works, you don't have much incentive to vote.

 The team at the Center for Civic Innovation thinks learning about civics should be fun and easy. To help Atlantans understand how our local government works we created a workshop called Civics 101. 


We are inviting volunteers from across the city of Atlanta to host Civics 101 workshops in their communities. Our #VoteLocal Ambassadors are community-based volunteers working with their NPUs and neighborhood associations to target every geography of the city, but we recognize they can't do it alone! There are all kinds of different communities in Atlanta - local congregations, small business owners gathering together, urban farmer alliances, people working together at a startup - and we want to find volunteers to help us reach them all. 


WANT TO HOST A CIVICS 101 workshop?

Do you represent an Atlanta community that needs more information about how our city works? We would love your help in hosting a Civics 101 workshop. Register for the workshop kit, read over it and we will be in touch to see when and where you want to host an event! 

Vote Local


Not sure if you want to host your own event? Contact the Ambassador living in your area to see if there are already great events you can help with. 


FAQ: Civics 101

Have questions about Civics 101 Workshops? Here are some answers! If you have questions that aren't covered below please email and we will get back to you!

Who created Civics 101?

The Center for Civic Innovation created all of the content for Civics 101. The materials are free and available for public use but may not be commercialized or altered. 

What are civics 101 workshops?

The information in the Civics 101 kit is meant to help volunteers create an approximately 2 hour training for community members living in Atlanta. The kit includes a guide for successfully hosting a small event or gathering, a facilitation guide and presentation to help a volunteer walk their audience through how Atlanta's city government is supposed to work, and some take-home printable handouts for anyone who attends the Civics 101 Workshop. Center for Civic Innovation has also armed a team of community  Ambassadors with Civics 101 kits. They are actively hosting workshops across the city! 

I want to host a workshop - can you help me?

We want to empower residents across Atlanta to host their own small Civics 101 gatherings. Volunteers are critical to the hard work of educating communities about how local government works and how they can participate. Anyone can register to download a kit and get started with their own event. At this time the Center for Civic Innovation cannot offer financial assistance to those wishing to host Civics 101 workshops. If you are planning a larger gathering (30 people or more) or would like to speak to someone about your Civics 101 workshop please email and we will be in touch. 

Why is this all about atlanta?

The Center for Civic Innovation is based in Atlanta. This is our first year creating Civics 101 materials and we think the best place to test them out is in our own back yards. If you do not live in the Atlanta city limits, the information provided in Civics 101 may not be an accurate representation of your community or local government. We may look to expand #VoteLocal and Civics 101 in future years, but for now it is just for City of Atlanta.